All operations completed firmware updating succeeded

11 Aug

Keep in mind that it can take several minutes to complete.

When your ilumi is receiving a firmware update, it will pulse yellow for a few minutes, then it will pulse blue for a few minutes, and then finally power on to a bright white.

Man I'm such a noob – ah well, only one way to learn – through mistakes and advice from people who know more than me. Are there any ICS ROMs users can recommend I install? Are there any stable JB ROMs out there users can recommend?By accepting Update 2 or later, you allow us to provide this proactive support.Download the maintenance mode updates by using the steps listed in to download hotfixes to search for and download KB3121899, which installs disk firmware updates (the other updates should already be installed by now).There is one virtual drive created across the RAID set.Oracle recommends verifying the status of the database server RAID devices to avoid possible performance impact, or an outage.