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09 Jan

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When Governor Flower was born Reverend Mr Pettibone was located in Theresa.

Today's edifice is the Flower Memorial church erected in 1879 to the memory of Nathan Monroe and Mary Ann Flower by their children.

In February 1836 the Watertown Presbyteryn united with the Black River Congregational association in founding the Black River Literary & Religious Institute in Watertown with Reverend Mr Pettibone an original trustee.

Depp's unkempt, soulful slouch, along with his dry disregard for the affectations of hygiene, tend to deconstruct the very notion of male glamour.

The youngest of four kids of Betty Sue, a waitress, and John, a city engineer, Johnny moved so much as a kid that he does not remember one place as "home." Depp did, however, spend the first seven years of his life in Kentucky.