24 Feb

All you have to do is hover over the star rating of your choice in the row that has the site that you want to vote for and then click on the amount of stars that you wish to give that site.You can also notice that beside each and every star rating is the amount of votes that each site has received thus far.You can also view the amount of visits that each site has received in the past 24 hours as well as the total amount of visits that each site has received during the previous day.We place sites in our list according to one simple thing; the ratings that users give each site.

Consequently, all of the Start Menu items and other goodies normally found in the Program Data folder are no longer available to the system.This is why it’s important that you vote for your favourite sites, so that others can know about them as well.We place the sites in order according to what the users think about each site; we don’t have any input on which sites appear at the top.You can use alternative antivirus solutions by using the Kerio Antivirus SDK for Kerio Connect and Kerio Control.Read More HTTP and FTP scanning overview In HTTP and FTP traffic, Kerio Control can scanned the selected types of files.