Sccm last logon user name not updating brenda song joe dating

01 Mar

Is this a known problem with SCCM, or is there something we need to tweak to improve its accuracy?

Better still, is this something we can query via LDAP (for example, using There's no central store of user logins in Active Directory, so you can't just slap together an LDAP query for this information.

Remember that CM07/CM12 is not a real time product and there is it will be best effort only.


The answer is yes, you can add any AD attribute, and it’s quite simple.

For this post, I’ll add the Description attribute from a computer account.

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We've got SCCM in place; however, that seems to give reasonable "last logged on" times, but we know that the "last logged on user" is a comparative work of fiction.

The easiest way to explain this is to understand how a client remains active.

A client remains active if it is discoverable and if it communicates with your SCCM servers.

Communication can include: So a client can be marked as inactive if it fails to update SCCM due to issues such as loss of connection, restrictive firewall settings, and client corruption. When dealing with inactive clients, you might run across false positives.

These are Active Directory computer accounts that have gone stale (no longer linked to a physical computer).