Tyra trust your dating instincts

03 Apr

Follow my steps for getting in touch with your intuition and you’ll be able to mind-read your dates and suss out the Mr Rights and Mr Wrongs — and find a partner who is perfect for you . The problem arises when we choose to ignore these feelings.

‘I knew something wasn’t right from the start,’ my client will tell me, a month after her date has run off with her best friend.

The gut is the devil and your best friend at the same time. I've never felt this way before."Gut: "Yes you did. It got me thinking about the "Mom Bod," so I Googled the term and sure enough, I found several articles... Two, remember the other night around midnight when he got a text, jumped up, read it, turned his phone over on the table and started kissing you?

In last week's column, I wrote about my conflicted feelings on the "Dad Bod" and how people are celebrating the cuteness of men with larger midsections and less than perfectly sculpted arms. "We all have a heart and a gut boxing it out in our bodies every single day.

I was married for almost nine years to a good woman and we tried. After my divorce, I spent a couple of years lost, hurt and confused.

However, we are socially conditioned from an early age to utilize reason rather than trusting our gut, especially if there is enough time to analyze the situation.

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