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04 Jan

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Otherwise, you can use your own autoload function or a basic require with some namespace escaping.

I had always intended on getting a slipcover made for it…until I discovered that they cost around 0!

Like I said, it used to hang out in the boys’ play room, so even though it looked okay from a distance, it was a dingy mess up close. This photo doesn’t even show how bad it actually looked in person.

Lo and behold, in the stack was a can of “Emerald Lake” paint that was JUST what I was looking for!

Seriously, I opened that can of paint and gasped out loud – it was like I opened the can and heard angels singing a chorus of Hallelujah! Unfortunately, that can of paint was a high gloss exterior paint, so I took the formula down to Home Depot and had them color match it in an interior satin.